The property at 88 White St, East Boston, which sits on the National Register of Historic Places, was built by world famous shipbuilder Donald McKay, consists of 2 of the buildings built in the mid 1840’s. The property is strategically set on top of the Eagle Hill neighborhood with easy access for Boston proper.

The main house (88 White) exterior is a clapboard-sheathed house with Greek Revival embellishments. The 2nd building (88 R)located in the rear of the property is a charming mansard roofed carriage house.

For metropolitan living the property is both unique and historically relevant to Boston’s once vibrant shipbuilding industry.

(Donald McKay (1810-1880) was a master shipbuilder, with his shipyard East Boston. His company launched many of the fastest clippers in history, with Flying Cloud being the most famous. A clipper ship is a large sailing vessel with three or four masts and square-like sails.)

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